The Magic Box brings together internationally renowned Chinese artists Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, Zhan Wang, and Mi Qiu. 111 internationally renowned artists, photographers, illustrators, and designers from 38 countries, including Istvan Orosz, a Hungarian national treasure level graphic designer, Christopher Makos, a private photographer for Andy Warhol, eBoy duo from the "Godfather of Pixel Art", Richard Hutten, a renowned Dutch designer, Marianne Engel, a photographer skilled in nighttime photography, and Garth Walker, the most internationally influential designer in South Africa, spanning national borders I have created over 230 works with a theme of "heaven" in my professional field and language.

The style of the work ranges from abstract to realistic, flat to three-dimensional, including various forms of expression such as art (painting, sculpture, multimedia, installation), photography, illustration, design, etc. Creators present their dreams of different forms of paradise through different forms of artistic expression; Beautiful, psychedelic, mysterious, childlike, strange... brilliant and full of imaginative ideas! 

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma said that the publication of "The Magic Box" has reached an artistic height; Famous publisher Mr. Zhang Hongzhi called "Magic Box" the most creative publishing model after reading "Heaven". David Berman, President of the International Graphic Design Conference (ICOGRADA), was even more amazed: "Simple yet wonderful! An unprecedented work that is indescribable. A 'Magic Box' can hold so much beauty, creativity, elegance, and story..."



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